Fully Mobile Versatile Services

You’ll be amazed at how many services can be on offer from our mobile workshop. You can find details of all along with pricing by browsing through the categories below. 

Bicycle Servicing & Tune-Ups

Bicycle Builds

Bicycle Repairs

Pushchair Valeting

Pushchair Repairs

More About Our Services

You Get a 30-Day Warranty As Standard

We provide every completed repair, service, and build with a 30-day warranty to ensure you have peace of mind and something to fall back on in case something isn't quite right. 


All bookings are subject to a minimum charge of £39 + Parts.

To ensure our expenses are covered for each booking and the services are viable, we charge a minimum of £39 + parts per booking. 

So for example, if by the price list the labor for your booking comes to £30, we would charge the minimum £39. If the labor for your booking came to £40, then we will charge £40. 

The minimum charge is just a minimum charge and does not get added on top of other charges. 

If you require a return visit from the mechanic for ordered parts fittings or warranty repairs, we dont charge for the additional required booking. 

Every Bike Gets Tested

To ensure that you can get on your bike and use it right away without issues, we test ride every bike and put the bike through set test procedures that will push the repair work to the limit. If it passes those tests, we'll pass the bike as ready to ride.


Some Areas Have Travel Surcharges

MK Cycling covers the entire of Kent.

We have Green, Red and Blue Travel surcharge zones. Tap the button below to view our online map and check which zone you are in. 

Green Zone = Surcharge Free

Red Zone = £5 surcharge

Blue Zone = £0.50 per return mile Minus £5.


We Can Supply All The Parts Or You Can Supply Your Own

Any part for any bike. MK Cycling has access to well over 100,000 bicycle components from all brands. Anything needed, we can and will supply.


If you know what part you need however, there is no issue with you supplying your own.