Bicycle Servicing & Tune-Ups

Keep those wheels spinning safely with regular servicing

Regular servicing for your bike is a must to keep it in safe and working order. We don’t make servicing complicated by having lots of different service types. In reality, your bike either needs a full service, or it needs an interim service, depending on a few different factors (See the FAQ below).


One thing that both our service options include is a full MOT inspection which scans the entire bike thoroughly in order to highlight any dangerous major issues or any minor non-dangerous issues. You get an electronic report with the results right after the mechanic has finished the inspection, allowing you to make decisions on what you want to do with those issues. 

Interim Service

Designed as a tune-up for in-between full services or for newer bikes, The interim service service is ideal for giving you peace of mind
£ 59 Add 1 or more bikes for just £49
  • Full Head to toe MOT inspection with E-report on the findings
  • Brakes Re-aligned, balanced and re-set
  • Gears Re-set and aligned
  • Headset Check & adjustment
  • Bottom bracket check & adjustment
  • Wheel bearings checked and axles adjusted
  • Spokes checked & wheels trued
  • 2 x Part fittings included in service (Parts chargeable in addition)
  • Additional part fittings Discounted to £5 per fitting

Comprehensive (Full) Service

The ultimate way to ensure your bike is kept on the road and breakdown free.
£ 99 Add 1 or more bikes for just £89
  • Full Head to toe MOT inspection with E-report on the findings
  • Hydraulic brake fluid replaced and brake systems bled
  • Inner & outer brake cables replaced entirely
  • Brakes reset to correct alignment and adjustment
  • Brakes deep cleaned to revive friction and braking power while eliminating squealing brakes
  • Inner & outer gear cables replaced entirely
  • Outer brake & gear cables injected with our secret self cleaning, water displacing lubricant.
  • Gears reset to correct adjustment & realigned
  • Cable friction points lubricated
  • Wheel bearings checked & adjusted
  • Wheels re-trued, spokes balanced and wheels re-aligned.
  • Fitting price of replacement components included in the price of this service (Parts chargeable in addition to service)
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