Pram & Car Seat Valeting Services

Spilled food & drinks, mud, vomit, and other little accidents, all contribute to the daily life of strollers, prams, and child seats. 

We have the solutions to making things look fresh, smell fresh, and most importantly, hygienically safe.  

Our ultra deep valet is perfect for stain removal, odour removal and big messes such as vomit, spillages and other accidents.

  • Dry Debris removal (crumbs, hair, etc)
  • Pretreat of fabrics with stain busters and odour eliminators
  • Bacterial clean with steam scrub of fabrics and hot water flushing with dirt extraction​
  • Deep & major stains removed
  • Chassis sterilisation & steam scrub
  • Hard surfaces polished and revitalised
  • Key pivot points lubricated
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria throughout
  • Brings back prams & seats to look like new

Childs Car Seat


Single Buggy / Stroller


Double Pram


Travel System