Pram, stroller, Pushchair & Car Seat Valeting Services

Spilled food & drinks, mud, vomit, and other little accidents, all contribute to the daily life of strollers, prams, and child seats. 

We have the solutions to making things look fresh, smell fresh, and most importantly, hygienically safe.  

An option for every need. Whether its a quick freshen up or a deep and thorough clean needed, we have a service that will do the job. All services include a full safety check of the unit and inspections before and after the cleaning process to ensure nothing is missed. 

Choose Your Valeting Level

Perfect for a light refresh and spruce up

Light Valet
  • Brush & Deep vacuum
  • Steam scrub of fabrics
  • Chassis wipedown and light polish
  • Gives fabric surfaces a refresh
  • Kills surface germs

Thorough deep cleaning with stain removal​

Deep Valet
  • Brush & Deep vacuum
  • Stain & Grime busting Pre-treat of fabrics
  • Steam scrub of fabrics
  • Hot water flush and extraction
  • Chassis de-grease, shampoo & pressure wash
  • Chassis polish
  • Deep penetrating cleaning power
  • Kills deep ingrained germs, bacteria and most stains are eliminated
  • Brings buggies back to a fresh new look
Setting Expectations

Our equipment and valeting skills are powerful and can eliminate all kinds of stains and issues. However we must be realistic and open with you that not every stain can be removed. This includes mould. Some mould and stains, particularly ones that have been present for some time, can be so ingrained in the material that they are impossible to completely remove. If we spot something that might be applicable to this fact during the pre-inspection, we will let you know first. That doesn’t stop us from giving anything a go though!

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